FABstudio Presents Opening Reception For New Exhibition On Thursday, April 9

SATURDAY, 4 APR 2015, 10:07:00 AM

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Jennifer Verge’s ‘It’s Time’ will be part of the FAB Studio exhibition.

By Henry Long

FABstudio gallery owner, Flavio Bisciotti, and Flower & Hewes gallerist, Brekelle Lavee’ Long and have partnered to present “7 Extraordinary Artists” this Thursday, April 9, at Fabstudio in Santa Monica.

This is the kick off for a new business venture between Bisciotti and Long, who recently met in January. “We quickly realized our backgrounds’ complemented one another,” said Bisciotti. “We hope to successfully represent and promote artists whose work we truly believe in.”

The group exhibition, which will run through April 30, features artists Anyes Galleani, Brooke Harker, Doug Henders, Barbara Kosoff, Charlie Patton, Walter Redondo, and Jennifer Verge. The Canadian born artist said she is excited to be part of this group exhibition. “It’s a great space in a fantastic area,” she said. “The last show I went to I loved the artwork, which drew a huge crowd. I had a really good time.”

Art has always been an important part of her life. She has been an artist since she was young. “I have always been creating, but I only started creating the work I’m really proud of once I had the courage to working in a medium I really loved – Mixed Media, and express what I was really thinking and feeling,” she said.

While still living in Canada, Verge took an art course, which opened up many different styles to her and allowed her to experiment in all mediums, such as Life drawing, painting, sculpture, photography. “It was so much fun,” she said. “You were encouraged to be adventurous and follow what excites you creatively.”

For this exhibition she will be showing works on wood, created with stain, metal, plaster, found objects, colors and positive phrases (

Another contemporary artist, Brooke Harker will be showing works as part of the exhibition. Known for her cityscapes, the Los Angeles artist paints both urban and coastal scenes. The artist just opened in a solo exhibition featuring her coastal cityscapes at the Lu Martin Galleries in Laguna Beach on April 2.

Like most artists she is inspired by the world around her. “There is a life and spirit that buzzes through any cityscape that continues to inspire me,” said Harker. “The scenes that captivate me are a blended snapshot of many moments.” Harker will show her urban cityscapes for the FABstudio show (

Andrea Borgen has been working with FABstudio to create FABeats a dining and art experience. She recently founded barcito, an Argentine-inspired shareable plates bar. The menu is also influenced by the cuisine of Italy and Spain. An up and coming chef, Borgen has brought in Argentine Chef, Augustin Mallmann to prepare the next dinner (date TBA) later in the month.

“7 Extraordinary Artists” opens Thursday, April 9 from 6 pm to 9 pm. Enjoy appetizers courtesy of barcito. FABstudio is located at 2001 Main Street in Santa Monica. For more information, call 424-744-8156 or visit

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