Argentinian Artist Javier De Aubeyzon Featured at FABstudio GALLERY December 4!

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FABstudio GALLERY presents the work of Argentinian artist Javier De Aubeyzon on Thursday, December 4th from 5-9pm.

FAB-gallery - Javier De Aubeyzon

Still Life, Javier De Aubeyzon, oil on canvas, 78”x78”

Featuring nine works, the exhibition is curated by gallerist Flavio Bisciotti, a friend and fellow architect. The show features two series, ”Urban Industrial Landscapes” which juxtaposes technology and nature, and “Natural Environmental Landscapes” which explore global warming and the future of the environment.

The two have been friends for over fifteen years and originally met in Argentina. Bisciotti is a big supporter of De Aubeyzon’s and work recently featured his art in a group show this past August.

Bisciotti explains, “I admire his architectural vision and its portrayal in his paintings. I also appreciate his surrealist tendencies. He is able to combine a hyperreal painting style with depictions of unique environments. In ‘Still Life,’ Javier uses a monument from the Buenos Aires cityscape, in this case Eduardo Catalano’s sculpture “Floralis Generalis” of a giant metallic flower which opens and closes. In this painting, he contrasts this with the detritus and trash of society floating in the ‘Riachuelo River,’ a manmade natural disaster.”

Promoting an environmental consciousness throughout the work is key to the art of De Aubeyzon. Within that framework, he combines the visuals of polar opposites. “Recently I’ve found myself merging the two opposing themes I’ve worked on for years, ‘Urban Industrial Landscapes’ and ‘natural environment landscapes,’” said De Aubeyzon. “Two contradictory images interact in one, with a clear message….Man co-exists with his enemy, himself, and feels obligated to protect his home, planet earth.”

FAB-gallery - Javier De Aubeyzon

Field Trip,Javier De Aubeyzon, Oil on Canvas, 60″ x 60″

De Aubeyzon said he has always been drawn to visual concepts of the port industry in Buenos Aires, as well as its abandoned freeways. This captivating imagery heightens the seriousness of the subject.

De Aubeyzon has been included in exhibitions at Galería Praxis,International Art, Miami, The British Arts Centre in Argentina, Galería D&G Arte, the Palais de Glace Museum, and many others.

Don’t miss the opening reception of “Javier De Aubeyzon Paintings: Environmentalism-o” Thursday, December 4th from 5-9pm at FABstudio GALLERY (2001 Main Street in Santa Monica 90405). The exhibit runs December 4, 2014 to February 5, 2015. More nformation: 424-744-8156; http://fabstudiola.com/; http://www.deaubeyzon.com/; Or call Flavio at (310) 630 9216.