Bogdan Dumitrica was curated by Delia Cabral and Flavio Bisciotti.

The exhibition dates were from September 17, 2016 to October 14, 2016.

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Fab-Gallery presents Bogdan Dumitrica: Everybody Has the Right to Wear a Mask.

Bogdan Dumitrica’s paintings “Everybody Has the Right to Wear a Mask” investigate the concept of metamorphosis and disappearance. The objects from the paintings are hybrids with their own traits, which resulted from the juxtaposition of elements of the collective human culture as well nature. Masks were used in rituals including those of passages, their main purpose being to cover the real identity of the person who through the use of the mask becomes somebody else. In Bogdan’s paintings this ancient tradition of masks is brought into the current times due to their resemblance to the existing, common objects such as football helmets or welding masks that are meant for protection against aggressive forces. These masks borrow features of different textures from nature as a symbol of transformation under the influence of time. The metamorphosis of human objects into organic elements explores the idea of the temporality of human existence, the senselessness of violence and race divisions in a space that conforms to the laws of peril in time.

Delia Cabral , Los Angeles

Artist’s statement about the new series:

I finished the series “Everybody Has the Right to Wear a Mask” about a year before I read The Map and the Territory by Michel Houellebecq. I was so moved by his book that I did something I have never done before. I wrote to him on his website. I did so even though I did not think he would answer (“Peu importe,” as he would say.)

I will quote the last passage of the book, which so beautifully sums up the subject of these paintings.

“The representations of the human being (…) disintegrate under the effect of elements then they decompose and scatter around in tatters, seeming in the last videos to become the symbol of the human species’ generalized disappearance. They sink, seem to struggle for a moment before are engulfed by the tangle of plants. Then everything calms down, there is nothing left but the grass moving in the wind. The triumph of the vegetation is complete.” ”.

Bogdan Dumitrica is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. For the past several years he has been working on large scale series of oil paintings on paper that are instilled with symbols taken from nature while exploring current social issues. In the series “Everybody Has the Right to Wear a Mask,” “Fearful Symmetries” and “El Dorado” the music of contemporary American composer John Adams is the source of inspiration. Dumitrica received his Master of Fine Arts from California State University, Los Angeles. He is the recipient of an Art Matters Foundation Grant in 1995 and awards such as First Prize the Second City Council Long Beach 2001, Honorable Mention, 1st Biennial of Ceramic, Ichon, Korea, 2001, Ink & Clay 25 Purchase Award, Cal Poly Pomona, 1999, and First Annual Riviera Fine Arts Center Competition, 1994. Dumitrica’s works

were included in the 1st World Ceramic Biennial 2001, Ichon, Korea, The Fifth International Biennial of Ceramics, Cairo, Egypt, and have been shown in solo as well as group shows in galleries around the United States and Europe.

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