High and Dry was curated by Delia Cabral.

Date for the show was from August 13, 2016 to September 2, 2016. Please scroll down for images from the exhibition.

High and Dry is the first of a series over art exhibitions I will be curating at Fab-gallery upon my return back to Santa Monica after being based on the east side of LA for 5 years.

High and Dry is a summer exhibition that explores Horizons in the visual arts.   I wanted an exhibition that explores our our relationship with the boundary between the heavens and earth. I wanted it to be clean, simple and beautiful. There are three artists: Osceola Refetoff, Sabine Gebser and one painter,  Tori White. They show us the horizon in unexpected ways,  from up high,  to wide open and dry to saturated and stunning. Osceola brings us his “ Arm chair in the sky” series, a series  that shows our familiar world from an unfamiliar vantage. Sabine creates rich images with kaleidoscopic horizons and presents her pictures in an unusual round format and Tori captures a wide open feel in her small format paintings. All and all, these three artist bring a fresh perspective to perspective.

— Delia Cabral
August 2016, Santa Monica