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FAB-gallery, 2001 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405.  

The opening public reception : January 21st, 2017, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.
Exhibition dates: January 21st through X.
Gallery viewing hours:
by appointment.


On January 5, 2016, a fire burned down Flavio Bisciotti’s home art studio. The loss included his personal paintings, photographs and ephemera, furniture, objects, tools, materials, clothing, files, and things he had collected over his lifetime. After the initial shock and after speaking with friends, he came up with the idea to salvage the remains of the fire to create new artworks. Flavio has curated art exhibits in the past that has involved local artists. His idea for this exhibition is a collaborative community effort where the participants are able to make art,to strengthen their relationship with fellow participants.

Flavio Bisciotti is a multi-faceted individual with several deep areas of interest. This includes his artwork, and also his company Bisciotti design+build and his championing of artists through his art gallery, FAB-gallery in Santa Monica.

Artist participants:

Alexandra Dillon – Amy Kaps – Anthony Schmitt

Barbara Kosoff – Barbara Mastej – Brian Murphy

Campbell Laird – Christine Palma – Cristina Monmany

Doron Gazit – Eric Schwabel – Felipe Martinez Carbonell

Gary Palmer – Gus Harper – Javier de Aubeyzon

Jennifer Verge – John C. Ransom – Joshua Elias – Juan Feldman

Lula Flores – Mark Farina – Mark Lipson

Nikolas Soren Goodich – Rana Wilson – Rohitash Rao

Sandy Bleifer – Tori White – Michael Torquato deNicola

Palimpsest from FAB-gallery on Vimeo.

For MORE INFORMATION Contact: Delia Cabral (310) 770-2525